Grade 3-4 English (group) classes – 10 Lessons


  • Taught by either Jennifer Scharf or Sidney Scharf
  • Each class is 60 minutes
  • Group class will run with 2-5 students
  • Class time will be arranged between teacher and students
  • Course Textbooks contain 36 lessons on varying topics which include: Culture, Geography, History, Earth science, Physical Science, Life Science and Technology
  • Optional Themes included in this course: Science Fiction, Traveling around the Sun, Ancient China, Food around the World, Art Gallery Works, Mega-Cities, The Human Body, Mass Media, Weather Systems, Poetry, Time and the Earth, Energy, World Instruments, Simple Machines, Undersea Life, and Biomes.
  • Student centered learning where students choose 10 of these fascinating themes to base their learning from.
  • All lessons include: reading comprehension, vocabulary, grammar, listening, speaking and writing
  • Paragraph writing could include, organizing paragraphs, compare and contrast writing, persuasive writing, sequencing events, narration writing, speech writing, opinion writing, interviewing, poetry writing, play scripts, letter writing, fictional writing, research and news reports.
  • Assessment will be both formal and informal.


Discover English

Whether living in Canada or abroad students can access English language lessons that follow the Canadian curriculum. Lessons will ease with transitioning into the Canadian public education system or aid students in increasing their fluency and accuracy for success in English language environments.


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