Philosophy of learning

tell me and i’ll forget.
show me and i may remember.
involve me and i’ll learn.
-Benjamin Franklin

We believe…

that providing a student-centered learning environment holds the key for creating dynamic learners. A student-centered learning environment is a place where students are allowed to have a say in what they are learning and how they are learning. As teachers we will listen to the student’s wants and needs and modify and shift lessons accordingly to suit the student’s language learning goals.

Our role as a teacher…

is to be a facilitator of knowledge versus the owner of knowledge reducing the hierarchy within the classroom. This promotes students’ self-determination and increases self-worth removing barriers to accessing education. In a student-centered learning environment, students learn most effectively because they feel like their individuality is valued and they have a voice where their ideas and thoughts drive their learning objectives.

Our education will be…

implemented through providing student driven learning opportunities, self-paced lessons, choices, independent project-based curricula, and encouragement of self-determination. Learning is facilitated through providing positive feedback and by encouraging agency in a setting that promotes a safe and healthy learning environment. We ensure that there is freedom to express individual thoughts and ideas as well as opportunities to share and learn from diversity.

Evidence of learning…

is measured through the student’s examples of successful application. Success is apparent through student assessment and through seeing that objectives and learning goals in each of our courses are being met. Additionally, we know our students are successful when they actively engaged in our programs and are requesting further opportunities for new learning content. This shows us that we are captivating our learners. Beyond teacher evaluation, students are taught how to self-evaluate and encouraged to direct their own curriculum topics in areas of their own interest. Thus, boosting confidence and increasing the chance that their learning moves beyond the classroom setting. Engagement with their English literacy skills within the local community, shows that confidence through student-centered learning presents new opportunities in life.

A high level of competency is maintained…

by offering qualified educators who are certified English language teachers. Our teachers are encouraged to engage with their colleagues to create opportunities to learn new approaches from each other locally and across the globe. We believe it is important to learn new methods and practice applications through local, national and international literacy conferences and seminars. It is our belief that researching new theoretical perspectives and acknowledging practices coming from across the globe will aid in upholding best practices so we can meet the needs of our diverse learners. And above all else, being mindful that student feedback is the most essential component to successfully honor and uphold a student-centered learning environment.

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Sidney Scharf English Language Educator (ELE)

ELL Coordinator. TESOL Certified.

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Jennifer Scharf English Language Educator (ELE)

Director of Education. Canadian TESL Certified.

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British Columbia Youth Ambassador for Interact Rotary.

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