Life long learning

We promote learning at any age. Learners are never too young or too old to learn. Content is delivered in multiple ways to engage learners of all ages.

Professionally trained teachers

Our certified English language teachers work with students to create personalized lesson plans to ensure courses are meeting the learning needs of each student.

Interactive lessons

Lessons are designed to engage the learner. Multi-media software is used to evolve students in their learning environment.

Exam prep

Lessons are custom designed to prepare student for up coming exams such as university or collage entrance exams or training for the IELTS and TOEFL  exams.

Teacher platforms

We offer a teaching platform for certified and approved teachers to join our team. Contact us to learn how to join our team.

Up Coming Courses

Our team

We are a mother daughter team of English educators with a passion for providing equitable English education. Our classes are desigend to fit every learner. We offer exciting classes with multi-media content to engage our learners. We use national geographic course books, TED Talks, youtube videos, as well as several Canadian-based textbooks.

Our online classrooms

Our online classes are highly interactive. Teachers will have educational backdrops, props, and whiteboards to help facilitate learning. Students will also be provided with lessons slides that will have videos, pictures, and other interactive features.

Our lessons

We have lessons on a wide variety of topics and for a variety of levels. Adult lessons follow the Canadian learning benchmarks  (CLB). Lessons for children coincide with the Canadian standards and BC school curriculum. We also provide Business English lessons, IELTS test prep and TEOFL test prep.


Lino Cieza, Peru, college professor: Sidney is for sure one of the best English teachers on the internet. She is experienced and talented. Her methodology is good and the content of her lessons is dynamic and accurate. Moreover, she gives the student confidence and communicates very well the key elements of grammar. As a medium level English student, I am very satisfied with her teachings.